Blue 7 Jazz Ensemble is part of the new upcoming London Jazz Scene: Energetic, classy, young and excellent musicians.”

(Pop Jazz Production December 2013)

They all are in their mid-twenties, and they met at Gabriel Garrick’s Jazz Academy, before going to some of the best conservatoires in the UK (Trinity, Guildhall, etc…)

They share a common taste for traditional Jazz. They compose, arrange and perform together around London.

Their performances both pay homage to the traditions of the music and draw upon contemporary groove-based artistic directions.


Greg Evain : Piano

Rudy Cook : Bass

Tom Wright : Drums

Rosina Bullen : Vocals

They perform regularly (see the “shows” page of this site) and renew the spirit of the golden age of glamorous jazz evenings. Their first album was recorded in 2013.

Music available on Soundcloud HERE.